Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Seeds of Spiritual Growth # 3 6/15/16 Time to Uplevel our Presence

It's been a difficult week so far with facing yet another senseless and in my view a potentially preventable mass shooting in Orlando. Today and for many days and months to come there will be a massive hole of grief in the hearts of all the family and friends of the victims of this shooting . It's been a brutal reminder of the epidemic of global violence that impacts millions of people daily. For any real shift to happen we have to raise our consciousness up and out of fear and separation and grow beyond our limiting beliefs that solutions are not possible or within our reach.
We need to be proactive in daily deep self care as these times we are navigating are intense and will continue to be. Without a commitment to evolving our higher selves, life can be a brutal experience of pain and sorrow. Before we can authentically serve others, elevate others , inspire others, we have to honor our body temple daily.
Those that have guided us before in perilous times of humanity like Buddha, Ghandi, MLK, Nelson Mendela ,Thich Nhat Hanh, HH Dalai Lama, thousands of ancient and modern Yogi's and teachers that embodied and taught the path of peace and many many more that walk and talk the path of peace in our everyday lives,they have left us with paths and teachings to follow and embody.To learn how to live as optimal human beings, guided by our Spirits of the unity that we are all expressions of.
We are each called upon now in this time to UPLEVEL OUR PRESENCE. It's not enough to just pray for peace as powerful as prayer is, it requires action. Whats required is to expand our hearts not contract them. Whats required is to expand our outreach to those in need, not shrink into self serving behaviors that isolate us from other.Whats required is deep faith that we are all here to elevate each other in our thoughts, emotions, and actions.
SEVA is selfless service to others. Its COMPASSION IN ACTION. We always have a choice when faced with tragedy, shut down and numb out or recommit to hold the faith and promise of healing and resolution to our deepest challenges. What would each day look like if we truly adopted a Compassion in Action commitment to self and others?
Adopt a COMPASSION IN ACTION mantra daily . Start with honoring your own deep needs for support, rest, nourishment and connection to Spirit. Fill your cup as my mother would say. Then share, share and share! Chant the ancient breath mantra SO HUM. Mantras are ancient sound projections that attune our psyches and bodies to our higher selves. Breath is the carrier of Prana, the subtle life force that animates all. Inhale and say the sound SO exhale and say HUM . This translates into I AM . The confirmation of your true self as PRESENCE, Wholeness, Unity Consciousness. It's the vibration of your Soul.
We all have sacred gifts to share. Mine is teaching yoga and wellness. I offer myself in the service of elevating my students well being and the biggest gift one can connect to is to realize we are all Divine Beings of Light and Love . THAT is our TRUTH, our identity. That's what needs daily connection and nurturance so we can in reality " Be the Change We Want to See" as Ghandi so famously quoted.
If I can be of service to anyone in the intention to connect to that truth, please  reach out.Come to a class. Join a community that is holding the vibration of peace, love and compassion.
 I'll be holding a FREE Summer Solstice class on Monday June 20th at 7:30 pm with a crystal bowl sound healing for our hearts. A healthy snack potluck will follow. You are invited!

Many Blessings for Peace to All.
Namaste and Sat Nam
Anne ~ Lakshmi Narayan

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