Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Paying Attention to Pain

  1.  Paying Attention to PAIN. The body is such an amazing instrument of communication on so many levels. Billions of cellular functions occur while we sip our tea or read the paper. Vital organs work endlessly to process oxygen, digest food and eliminate waste that we rarely pause to express some gratitude for all the amazing functions your body does each moment. Our hearts beat 100,000 beats per day,every day, 24/7. Now thats pause for gratitude.

  2.  What does get our attention is PAIN. Pain is the bodies skillful way of getting our attention that energy flow or function is imbalanced. If we ignore our sources of PAIN long enough , the imbalance that might have begun as a minor irritant can develop into a more serious illness or disease. Chronic pain afflicts 65 million American each day! Living in PAIN is not a path we would choose consciously but millions suffer from the PAIN that results from a fundamental disconnect to their bodies and minds.

  3.  What to do when PAIN shows up? Pay attention. Notice the obvious, where is the pain, what's the quality of it, when does it occur, when did it begin. Key question... are you under stress? Pain is a common response to a body-mind operating under too much stress, shallow breathing, poor diet & hydration, lack of exercise, and poor sleep. Emotional pain is real , lodges in our soft tissues the longer we stuff ,resist or try to ignore our true feelings. Later those repressed energies of emotions can show up as back pain, hip pain, sciatica , leg pain etc or manifest as serious disease.

  4.  In Yoga we respect PAIN as an important messenger guiding us to reawaken to the need to LOVE and RESPECT these beautiful bodies that carry us through life. With some attention, our bodies innate capacity to self heal and regulate returns. Begin with slowing down, breathing more deeply, moving the body for exercise, feeding your body for health and vitality, resting your body for rejuvenation and finding playful and joyful things you love to do! Connecting to Spirit daily is a vital way of living PAIN FREE. When Pain shows up, don't check out by numbing the pain, self medicating with distraction, alcohol or OTC meds or ignoring it, take it as a loving invitation to honor and heal what is out of balance! There is a whole world of holistic skilled practitioners that can guide you to a better, more balanced relationship with your own body!Nutritionists, acupuncturists, yoga teachers, massage therapists, chiropractors, and more! Namaste and Blessings for a beautiful day honoring your amazing body the temple of your SOUL !