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Seeds For Spiritual Growth; Blog # 2; 2/6/16 One Key Reason We Struggle In Letting Go Of Who We Think We Are

Seeds for Spiritual Growth:Blog # 2, 2/6/2016
 One Key Reason We Struggle In Letting Go of Who We Think We Are
Whatever  thoughts, memories, emotions or desires that are unsupportive, draining, distracting, repetitive, and maddening neural patterns may be, a shift towards awakening to what we truly are does require us to do something different than the status quo. Analyzing our limited  reactive minds with our limited minds just results in repeating old cycles.
We cannot get to a connection and a direct energetic experience of  our Higher Self through thinking. Does one ever get sick and tired of our stories of discontent and suffering? I know I do. That visceral disdain for our stagnation is Spirit calling out for us to let go of the story that's keeping us small. In order to begin to let go of very engrained patterns and perceptions of ones psyche,there has to be an energy that will catalyze us out of the momentum of our redundant and revisiting thoughts and emotional forms. In the yogic tradition this energy is embodied in practicing a daily sadhana.
The sooner we begin to honor a practice that creates a doorway to commune with our inner life as it is without judgement, rejection or clinging or grasping, the sooner those demoting patterns will begin to loosen their grip on our psyches.
Just bringing the power of stillness and awareness to these projections of the mind with a deep breath is enough to begin to untangle their hold on our consciousness and create a peek a boo moment, a doorway, a sliver, a sacred second of truly experiencing our Beingness and that to me is the beginning of the end of the story of who I " think I am" .
Our Spirit loves ritual and rhythm. A deep breath becomes a meditation and a daily meditation becomes a practice, and a practice opens a pathway and the pathway becomes a portal to our freedom from forgetting what a glorious divine being we've always been from the get go! Our minds cannot fathom the immensity of the truth of what we are, the Love essence that animates the entire universe! Are you ready and willing to take and commit to that first step?
Blessings and Namaste
Anne Townend-Duffey MA E-RYT Director
Opening Lotus Yoga

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